When Miss Bluebird Died, begins at the memorial service for Miss Bluebird, a beloved member of her forest community.The story by Jen Reich and illustrations by Kristine Kollasch pair beautifully. Together they take the reader on a journey through Miss Bluebird’s life, as remembered by her forest friends. ‘When Miss Bluebird Died’ is as full of hope and delight, as it is sadness and loss. It is an opening to conversations with children and people of all ages about end-of-life and how we wish to be remembered. Through the stories that Miss Bluebird’s friends share, she is kept alive in the hearts of all who love her. Included at the end of the story are memory pages, which offer an opportunity for the reader and listener to pen their own stories and create lasting memories together.



Sample Page
“The Day Ended With Dancing”

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